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Qatar Lauded Globally For Adeptly Hosting 111th International Labor Conference

The International Labor Organization and the Director-General of the Organization received praise from government representatives, employers, and workers for their administration of the 111th session of the International Labor Conference in Qatar. Led by the Qatari Minister of Labor, Ali bin Smaikh Al-Marri, the conference produced effective recommendations aimed at achieving social justice and creating opportunities for decent work.

Qatar assumed the presidency of the International Labor Conference for the first time since the organization’s establishment in 1919. This unanimous election by representatives of governments, employers, and workers, who are members of the International Labor Organization, signifies international recognition of Qatar’s accomplishments in labor and development, as well as its commitment to ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.

During the closing session of the conference, Minister Ali Al-Marri expressed his gratitude for the confidence placed in Qatar to preside over the event. He emphasized the conference’s role as a unique platform for governments and social partners to engage in dialogue and collaborative efforts in addressing contemporary labor issues. Despite challenges, the conference successfully achieved its ambitious agenda through the collective efforts of all participants.

Notably, the conference and its committees generated significant outcomes that will support the organization and member states in creating a better world of work. The Apprenticeship Committee’s discussions exemplified the power of social dialogue, leading to remarkable results through lively negotiations, cooperation, and the exchange of experiences. Emphasizing the importance of promoting quality apprenticeships, Minister Al-Marri highlighted its relevance in addressing evolving work challenges and developing effective policies, laws, and regulations that foster a just transition and improve social justice and living conditions while eradicating poverty.

Minister Al-Marri further emphasized the significance of the International Labor Organization’s guidelines for a just transition towards environmentally sustainable economies and societies. These guidelines serve as a crucial reference for policymaking, providing actionable steps towards gender equality, social justice, reduced inequalities, sustainable enterprises, increased productivity, and economic development. The conference also approved the organization’s program and budget for the upcoming period (2024/2025) through constructive dialogue, showcasing the ILO’s commitment to cooperation and flexibility.

The World of Work Summit, titled “Social Justice for All,” held alongside the conference, received praise from the Minister of Labor. The summit involved the participation of 16 heads of state, government officials, ministers, and representatives from international organizations and social partners worldwide. Various issues related to social justice were discussed, including the proposal to establish a global coalition for social justice, put forth by the Director-General of the organization.

During the closing session, government representatives, employers, and workers expressed their appreciation to Minister Ali bin Smaikh Al-Marri for his excellent management of the conference and the successful attainment of its goals. The conference took place against the backdrop of the world’s recovery from multiple crises in recent years, and the adoption of the equal apprenticeship recommendation was highlighted as a significant step toward promoting a just transition of the economy.

Key speakers in the closing session included Mr. Gilbert Hongbo, Director General of the International Labor Organization, Mr. Henrik Montai, Vice-President of the Conference representing the Employers’ Team, Mr. Mohamed Zuhour, Vice-President of the Conference representing the Workers’ Team, and Ms. Corina Ajdar, Vice-President of the Conference representing governments. They expressed their gratitude to Minister Ali bin Smaikh Al-Marri for his effective conference management and the realization of desired objectives.