Altaroma Achieves Positive Outcome, Focuses On Future

“Altaroma has consolidated its vocation as a real start-up accelerator and has positioned Rome Fashion Week as an event of international importance”. So Silvia Venturini Fendi, president of Altaroma, at the end of the event, edition number 42, which as always gave visibility to many new fashion talents, from 31 January to 2 February, at the Pratibius District. “A unique event of its kind on the Italian and European scene”, recalls a note from the press office of the consortium company which is being liquidated in recent days by its board of directors to be reborn as a foundation.

Altaroma Allows Emerging Brands

Altaroma allows emerging brands to count on various dedicated containers, which they could not access without significant economic efforts – and enjoying visibility, promotion and contact with insiders. Recording a constant growth that so far has seen an average of 20% of the participants in our projects register an increase in turnover, processing new orders.

Over 500 accredited journalists, more than 7 thousand visitors during the entire event; 40 guest journalists from abroad (from the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Turkey, Portugal, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Israel, Germany, Greece); 40 guest buyers from abroad (from Kazakhstan, Palestine, Canada, Luxembourg, Germany, Albania, Sweden, Saudi Arabia). Data that demonstrate the success and growth of the event from 2019 to 2023: 68% more foreign buyers; 76% more foreign journalists; the production of a greater number of fashion shows. Showcase reconfirms itself as the flagship container, hosting around 60 brands, of which 33 are new, and with an increase in no-gender brands (around 30%), women’s brands (around 60%) and sustainable brands (around 80%). of the total).

“Maintaining the double phygital soul, the event managed to reach users from all over the world, with 50,000 unique users between the digital platform and the app. By refining the role of reference point for independent brands and emerging designers among Italian events, Altaroma today has achieved the goal of being recognized internationally as the fashion week of the new, innovative, sustainable and quality made in Italy”.

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