weden Unveils Electric Touring Car Championship

Sweden is preparing to make a radical change to the star championship of its circuits. The STCC will become an electric championship this year, although the contest reserved for TCRs will also be maintained.
The project comes from afar. Already in 2018 PWR presented the first prototype of an electric competition tourer, based on a León Cupra. At that time, PWR was in charge of running the Seat León Cupras at the STCC. Today, EPWR, a subsidiary of PWR, will be in charge of developing and assembling the cars.
“This is the most important step forward for the STCCe and Scandinavian motorsport since the start of the championship in 1996. Today we are writing a new history,” said Micke Bern, CEO of STCC.

“The electrification of the STCC is critical to the future of our operations and we are looking forward to moving into the transition ahead, alongside our current STCC TCR Scandinavia programme,” he concluded.

TCR Rules

In recent years, the contest has adopted the TCR rules, but until 2017 the championship had its own interesting rules, following the example of what was happening and is happening in Great Britain with the BTCC.

The cars will be based on production models that are available to the public and have then undergone extensive modifications to compete, with the Tesla Model 3 being the first car to be revealed for the inaugural season.

This first year there will be 12 participating cars. Tesla, BMW and Volkswagen are the first three brands announced, each with at least two cars, to which Cupra will most likely be added.

All these cars will have a 550 horsepower and 600 Newton meter torque electric motor and a one-speed gearbox, with rear-wheel drive. They will be able to reach 300 kilometers / hour and accelerate from 0 to 100 in less than three seconds. They are quite light, 1,450 kilos, and have a 45 kilowatt hour and 800 volt battery pack supplied by the Austrians from Stard, while the recovery system is 50 kilowatt hours.

The championship will consist of six tests between July and September, but it will be at the beginning of June when the first joint official test of the participating teams will take place.

At the same time, a Next Gen Cup will be launched for young drivers, an initiation category, with cars based on the Mini Cooper E, with a 230-horsepower engine.

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