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Amgen Italy Appoints Lauri Lindgren As President And CEO

Amgen Italia has a new President and Chief Executive Officer: it is Lauri Lindgren, who takes over from Soren Giese, designated to lead the South American countries.

Finnish, 52 years old, Lindgren – Master of Science in Pharmacy at the University of Helsinki – has been working at Amgen since 2009 and has gained diversified experience in all the company’s most important business areas, from marketing to government affairs, holding responsibility in Amgen Europe and in the branches of Finland, Sweden and Austria, where he held the role of General Manager from July 2019 to present.

«Taking the lead of such an important reality for Amgen as the Italian one is for me, at the same time, an honor and a great challenge – declares Lindgren – We are witnessing great changes at a global and European level that open up challenging scenarios such as the management of , territorial assistance, the development of increasingly targeted therapies, sustainability. These are just some of the major issues that Amgen will contribute to addressing also in Italy by bringing its innovation and collaborating with institutions, patient associations and healthcare professionals. In advance, I thank the team that will support me and together with whom I will try to promote the passion and culture of the company, always attentive to the emergencies of patients and dialogue with the health system”.

Third Largest European Market

Italy is the third largest European market for Amgen and the sixth worldwide. The company, which has about 300 employees in our country, has a reference position both in the innovative biotechnological drugs and in the biosimilars sector and is actively involved in global pharmaceutical research and development programs in important therapeutic areas such as oncology, hematology , cardiovascular, inflammatory diseases, bone fragility, nephrology.
One of the challenges awaiting the new director also concerns the commitment to sustainability and inclusiveness, which already sees Amgen at the forefront thanks to ambitious goals aimed at achieving carbon neutrality by 2027, and inclusion policies that have brought the Italian branch to a workforce made up of more than half by women and to a share of female management exceeding 50%.

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