Gothenburg’s Controversial Big Direct Direct Policy

Credit; Veronika Ljung-Nielsen

That it can continue to be messy in Gothenburg policy has been clear ever since the election result was established.

The red -green parties, the Social Democrats, the Left Party and the Environment Party, agreed to progress as the largest budget alternative and thus take over the board from the Alliance.

But they do not have a mandate for their own majority, 40 against 41 seats in the council – if all others come together.

However, in the new municipal council that gathered for the first time next week, S, V and MP have their own majority. Therefore, they now propose that seven for them ideologically important cases that they lost in the municipal council’s votes on December 14 and 21, should be abolished.

This applies to heart issues such as how large the socio -economic weighting in school should be, whether private alternatives or not in care and stops for conversions of rental rights in public utility. The latter was a main number for both S and V in the electoral movement.

The red -green’s changed direction of politics was stuck in the budget that won the support of the council in November. There is a wide range of directives to committees and boards. The budget decision was made with the Center Party’s indirect support, as they have included so -called electoral cooperation.

But there is no agreement with the Center on individual issues that the party itself or others present in addition to the budget exists.

The fact that Social Democrats’ leader Jonas Attenius, who has taken over the Presidency Club in the municipal council from the Moderates Axel Josefson, sets hard against hard for a while and in a DN interview the day before New Year’s Eve he said he did not see reasons to release cases to the council where the opposition has a majority.

Why would I do that? I also run our policy, which the Gothenburg citizens also appreciate. These are the same heart issues as before, that we want to stop the sale of the city’s rental properties where Axel Josefson wants to run. I will do everything I can to stop it, said Atenius.

At the same time, he pointed out that in individual issues they will have to negotiate.

But some negotiations in the current seven ideologically colored issues have not happened. In the motivation, S, V and MP refer to the fact that “the democratically adopted budget is to be regarded as a whole. Individual outbreaks and far -reaching changes create target conflicts for committees and companies, and risk affecting the city’s governance in a harmful way. ”

They add that it is “a very inappropriate measure” that is “in violation of well -functioning practice”. Therefore, the red -green want the December decisions “to be canceled with immediate effect and thus be withdrawn from the municipal council.”

They themselves have helped to develop the practice that we are now following. We intend to implement our policy in the same way as they tried the last term of office. The red -green may find themselves in what the majority of the council says. The faster they take it, the better.

They point out that your decisions are inappropriate given the economic situation.

We had extreme situations last term, with the pandemic. Then we, as a minority, gathered a majority for economic policy. They must do that too. They have chosen to take over the board under known conditions.

Saying of Axel Josefson

Axel Josefson says that “we barely had a municipal council meeting when we ruled when there were no claims to add investments we did not have in our budget”.

We handled that, and there are ways to get around this too, it’s just a matter of time. 41 mandates decide.

The M leader receives some support from the Center Party group leader Emmyly Bönfors.

– I think it is surprising that they choose to present a case for which they do not have a majority in the council.

At the same time, she says that “we can see how we want to act around this”.

The reaction from S leader Jonas Attenius will be to refer to the figure in 1915. So many more voters put their vote on S-V-MP than the other parties that took place in the council.

More Gothenburg citizens have voted for our coalition. We will do everything in our power so that people get what they voted for.

Description of “Almost Declaration of War”

About Axel Josefson’s description of “almost declaration of war”, he says:

The Rights of the Right Parties and privatizations are in violation of what a large number of Gothenburg citizens think. For me, it is more important to listen to voters than to M and SD.

The Left Party’s group leader Daniel Bernmar reasoned as S leader Jonas Atenius.

Breaking down the budget’s budget in a hot and coup -like manner that the right -wing did before New Year is unacceptable. Of course, our majority in the municipal council will do everything to implement the policy that a majority of the Gothenburg citizens voted for, he says.

This article is originally published on dn.se