Battle Between Freedom and Communism: Boston Stop the Steal Rally Marchers

In Boston, Massachusetts, pro-Trump marchers assembled in front of the state house at the "Stop the Steal Rally" Saturday, chanting for four more years of the Trump presidency. Roger, a Filipino immigrant, told NTD that he came from Texas, calling the election a battle between freedom and communism. "We came from Texas. We're supposed to be on vacation but we realized there's MAGA support rallies. So, we have to do our part as patriot Americans because this might be our last chance. We might have come to a point of no return. I grew up in the Philippines, and we have witnessed how the … of authoritarian regimes destroy the lives of many people. And we cannot allow this beautiful country to be destroyed by the socialist regime. We are here to fight for justice, and we have to make all the votes count because we cannot allow fraud to …Read More From Source

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