Pennsylvania Voter Compares Election Fraud to Hong Kong, China

HARRISBURG, Pa.—Saulan Staats, originally from Hong Kong, wrote to her friend ahead of local Stop the Steal rallies. She said if voter suppression and election fraud was allowed to occur, what happened in Hong Kong would one day come to the United States. "I'm here to support the people in Pennsylvania, to get the truth out, to get the vote counted, the legal ones," she said in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania at the rally on Nov. 14, 2020. "If there is fraud it ought to be found out." "It's just not right," she said. "I'm from Hong Kong originally, and you see things going downhill there so fast, freedom lost in such a short time, it's just really, it breaks my heart." "When I saw 2 million people marched [in Hong Kong], and I've been here for many, many years … I often asked myself, would I have been there? If I …Read More From Source

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