Illinois Voter: ‘This Might Be the Last Time I Get to Speak Up’

SPRINGFIELD, Ill.—Roy Kozlowski felt if he didn't speak up and protest now, he might never get the chance. "There might be repercussions for me speaking up, but this might be the last time I get to speak up," said Kozlowski at a Stop the Steal rally in Springfield, Illinois. "Why do I think that way? Because of the censorship from Big Tech." "Totalitarian governments don't like free speech, tyranny doesn't like free speech. Tyranny cannot exist if people are able to speak up," he said. Demonstrators in Springfield on Nov. 14, 2020 were part of a larger movement, with hundreds of thousands more protesting in similar Stop the Steal rallies across the countries and at a march in Washington the same day. Protestors started grassroots rallies on Nov. 7, 2020 after mass media announced election results before the process was over, calling for transparent elections. But in Illinois, protestors that …Read More From Source