Sweden has kept schools open during the pandemic despite spike in cases

Issued on: 17/09/2020 – 09:43

Bucking the global trend, Swedish schools have stayed open throughout the pandemic even with relatively high cases of Covid-19. FRANCE 24's Catherine Norris-Trent and James André report from Stockholm.

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Unlike most children across Europe, Swedish students have not had to miss a single day of school due to the coronavirus.

The countrys public health authorities made the decision to keep schools open at the start of the outbreak and they stuck by this even when the death rate was ten times higher than in Swedens Nordic neighbours.

Classes have been compulsory for all pupils up to the age of 16, with no mandatory face masks for pupils or teachers.

“I think it is good that they dont wear face masks,” one mother tells FRANCE 24, as she leaves her children at school. “I think it is very important that they go to school, otherwise it would be very difficult for me to work.”

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