Presidents Brother Robert Trump Drops Injunction on Mary Trump Allowing Her to Promote Controversial Memoir

NEW YORK—Mary Trump can talk about the memoir she wrote about her uncle, President Donald Trump, after the presidents brother requested a judge cancel a temporary restraining order from June 30 on Monday, allowing the presidents only niece to freely publicize and distribute her work.

After Robert Trumps request, Judge Hal B. Greenwald in Poughkeepsie, New York, reversed orders he had issued temporarily blocking Mary Trump from promoting her book. Robert Trump had filed an injunction in June seeking to block Mary Trump from publishing the memoir according to an agreement that relatives made barring anyone talking about family members publicly without others consent when settling the estate of her father after his death.

An appeals judge had already ruled on July 1 that the publisher of Trumps nieces memoir, Simon & Schuster, was not bound by the confidentiality agreement that she signed, allowing it to print and distribute the 240-page book, “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the Worlds Most Dangerous Man,” which is scheduled to be released on July 14.

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Bloomberg reported that more than 600,000 copies of the book have already been distributed to bookstores across the United States, but not yet released. Simon & Schuster Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Karp argued in an affidavit to the court on July 8 that the book was already widely available and that Robert Trumps injunction “would have little impact at this point.”

The judge said the confidentiality clauses in the 2001 agreement “viewed in the context of the current Trump family circumstances in 2020, would …offend public policy as a prior restraint on protected speech…'”

“Notwithstanding that the book has been published and distributed in great quantities, to enjoin Mary L. Trump at this juncture would be incorrect and serve no purpose. It would be moot,” the judge wrote.

Greenwald said the confidentiality agreement that settled multiple lawsuits mainly concerned the financial aspect of the deal, which isnt as interesting now as it might have been two decades ago.

“On the other hand the non-confidential part of the agreement, the Trump family relationships may be more interesting now in 2020 with a Presidential election on the horizon,” the judge said.

According to the books description, it seeks to trace how family members were affected by the presidents father, a successful real estate owner, and provides Mary Trumps insights on how the president may have developed some of the traits that he is known for in the White House.

The publisher describes Mary Trump as a trained clinical psychologist with a PhD from the Derner InstitutRead More From Source