Twitter Restricts Account of Michael Flynns Lawyer Sidney Powell

Twitter restricted the account of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynns lawyer Sidney Powell in the latest action against a prominent conservative.

Powell is an open supporter of President Donald Trump, a Republican.

Flynn was Trumps first national security adviser.

Powells final tweet before being restricted appeared to be a link to an American Thinker article that alleged Attorney General William Barr was being attacked by most media outlets and Democrats because they believe Obama administration “criminals” are above the law.

Twitter and Powell didnt respond to requests for comment.

Powell posted on Tuesday afternoon that her account was unlocked.

Directing a missive at Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, she wrote: “Why in the world did @Twitter suspend my account and remove everyone I was following. Your abuse of conservative and #patriotic free speech knows no bounds.”

Twitter has been steadily ramping up its actions against well-known Republicans while taking little or no action against Democrats as President Donald Trumps administration and Congress mulls removing special protections that tech giants receive under the Communications Decency Act.

Twitter has repeatedly added warnings to Trumps tweets in recent weeks while taking no action against missives posted by his presumptive challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden.

Trump posted that there would never be a so-called autonomous zone in Washington while hes president, promising to meet people trying to set one up “with serious force.”

twitter ceo
Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter Inc., testifies at a hearing to examine foreign influence operations use of social media platforms before the Intelligence Committee at the Capitol in Washington on Sept. 5, 2018. (Samira Bouaou/The Epoch Times)

Twitter added a warning, telling users the tweet “violated the Twitter rulRead More From Source