Trump Campaign, RNC Take Home Massive Haul in Fourth Quarter of 2019

The Trump campaign, the Republican National Committee (RNC), and similar groups generated more than $154 million in the fourth quarter in 2019—occurring as the House pushed to impeach President Donald Trump.

Thats according to Brad Parscale, President Trumps reelection manager, who said that $463 million was raised for Trump, the RNC, and other groups in all of 2019. The RNC and his campaign, meanwhile, have $200 million on-hand cash to spend.

Trump and the GOP “have built an unstoppable juggernaut” and “it keeps getting bigger and stronger,” he wrote on Twitter, describing the fourth-quarter fundraising as “staggering.”

As the Democrats led an impeachment inquiry into the president, Trump and RNC officials reported increases in campaign fundraising on key days, including the Sept. 25 announcement from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), several days of public hearings with witnesses, the Oct. 31 vote to authorize the public hearings, and on Dec. 18 when Trump was impeached.

The Trump campaign, RNC, and associated groups gained 600,000 new digital and direct mail contributors since the impeachment began, an RNC official confirmed on the day the House voted to impeach Trump.

“President Trumps campaign and the RNC are working hand-in-hand to re-elect the President and help Republican candidates up and down the ballot,” Parscale also said in a statement. “The Presidents record of accomplishment has inspired unprecedented grassroots support which will translate to his own re-election and resounding victories for Republicans from coast to coast.”

In comparison, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) raised $86.3 million in 2019 as of the end of November and was $6.5 million in debt, according to the Washington Examiner.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) led the Democratic presidential candidates in fourth-quarter fundraising, generating some $34.5 million. Former Vice President Joe Biden took home $22.7 million, and Sen. Elizabeth WarrenRead More – Source