McConnell: Senate Cannot Hold Trump Impeachment Trial Until House Sends Articles

The Senate cannot hold President Donald Trumps impeachment trial until the House turns over articles of impeachment, said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.).

“Their turn is over. Theyve done enough damage. Its the Senates turn now to render sober judgment as the framers envisioned. But we cant hold the trial without the articles,” said McConnell on the floor of the Senate on Friday. “So, for now, we are content to continue the ordinary business of the Senate while House Democrats continue to flounder.”

After the House voted mainly along party lines to impeach President Donald Trump on abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) indicated she would withhold sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate. The move triggered confusion among members of Congress and legal experts.

During his speech on the floor, McConnell showed no signs of negotiating with House Democrats. Previously, he told news outlets that he wanted the swift acquittal of Trump, which Democrats have decried.

In the Senate, acquittal seems likely as Republicans hold a 53-47 majority, and it takes a 67-vote supermajority to convict a president while the House only requires a simple majority to impeach. In the history of the United States, the Senate has never removed a president in the trial phase.

“Their turn is over,” McConnell said of the House. “Its the Senates turn now to render sober judgment as the framers intended.”

But at the same time, Pelosi seemed not willing to budge on sending the articles, either.

Pelosi responded in a statement on Friday that the Senate majority leader “made clear that he will feebly comply with President Trumps cover-up of his abuses of power and be an accomplice to that cover-up.”

“The American people deserve the truth. Every Senator now faces a choice: to be loyal to the president or the Constitution. The GOP Senate must immediately proceed in a manner worthy of the Constitution and in light of the gravity of the presidents unprecedented abuses. No one is above the law, nRead More – Source