De Blasio: I Have Spent Literally 6 Years Undoing Michael Bloombergs Policies

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio called out Democratic candidate Michael Bloombergs support for stop-and-frisk policing and maintained the former mayor is “out of touch with what Democrats are looking for and talking about right now.”

Bloomberg, who ran for New York Citys mayor as a Republican before switching to a Democrat and later an independent, announced his presidential bid on Sunday.

“This is a guy who really reinforced the status quo every chance he got in New York City, and I have spent literally six years undoing what Michael Bloomberg did, and stop and frisk is one of the most obvious examples, but theres a lot of others” de Blasio said Monday in an interview with the left-wing program “The Young Turks.”

“With stop and frisk, I cant tell you how many years people pleaded with Michael Bloomberg. Leaders in the African American and the Latino community said over and over, this was hurting our children. This was holding back our communities, creating a rift between police and community,” he said, according to The Hill.

Several weeks ago, Bloomberg apologized for stop-and-frisk policing.

Michael Bloomberg
Michael Bloomberg
Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaks at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics during a exploratory trip in Manchester, New Hampshire on Jan. 29, 2019. (Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

“I got something important really wrong. I didnt understand back then the full impact that stops were having on the black and Latino communities. I was totally focused on saving lives—but as we know: good intentions arent good enough,” Bloomberg told an audience at the Christian Cultural Center in New York, as the Washington Examiner reported.

De Blasio told the program that he doesnt believe Bloombergs recent apology is genuine.

“You can see when someone is sincere,” de Blasio said. “He had years he could have come up with this apology when he was mayor and six years since and then the first time it happens is when hes on the verge of running for president — no its not believable.”

Meanwhile, Bloombergs massive fortune may work against him in the Democratic race, the current New York City mayor suggested.

“Hes just overtly doing it with money,” added de Blasio, who rRead More – Source