Pelosi Says Facts Are Uncontested in Impeachment

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) stated Monday that the “facts are uncontested” while claiming they show President Donald Trump abused his power in his dealings with Ukraine.

In a “Dear Colleague” letter sent to other Democratic lawmakers, she said that Trumps future shouldnt be decided via the 2020 election, saying that impeachment is the only way to remove him from power.

“The facts are uncontested: that the President abused his power for his own personal, political benefit, at the expense of our national security interests,” she wrote.

Among Republicans, a common refrain against the impeachment inquiry is that Democrats are trying to use impeachment to sway the presidential election, which is less than a year from now, and that theyre still upset over their 2016 loss.

But Pelosi said that the Republicans posited a “weak response” to the impeachment hearings: “Let the election decide.”

schiff and nunes
schiff and nunes
House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) (L) and Ranking Member Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) during the first public hearings held by the House Intelligence Committee as part of the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump on Capitol Hill in Washington on Nov. 13, 2019. (Saul Loeb/Pool/AFP via Getty Images)

Pelosi said that the “dangerous position only adds to the urgency of our action, because the President is jeopardizing the integrity of the 2020 elections.”

Later in the letter, she attempted to deflect criticism that House Democrats arent getting anything done while the impeachment inquiry is underway.

“None of us comes to Congress to impeach a President, but rather to make progress for Americas working families. However, our first order of business is our oath to support and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic,” she wrote. “As such, we are custodians of the Constitution and, For The People, defenders of our democracy.”

Her comments come as the House Intelligence Committee prepares for a second week of public hearings as part of its inquiry, including with the man who is arguably the most important witness. Gordon Sondland, Trumps ambassador to the European Union, will testify on Tuesday.

Former top national security adviser to President Donald Trump, Tim Morrison, arrives for a closed door meeting to testify as part of the House impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump on Capitol Hill in Washington on Oct. 31, 2019. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

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