Hamilton hopes new F1 contract can be sorted ‘soon’

The Briton, whose contract runs out at the end of 2020, clinched his sixth world title this month to become the second most successful driver in F1 history, but he says the thought of sitting down and thrashing out a new deal is "stressful." "It's almost like I just did this contract and I've already got to start potentially talking about the next one," he said, according to F1."It's another stressful moment where you get into the room, get into the ring and have a friendly, yet intense, conversation about terms and all this kind of thing."But I'm used to it now. I like to think I'm a relatively good negotiator."READ: Sebastian Vettel — F1 can be at the vanguard of tackling climate change
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Plenty of success

Hamilton joined Mercedes as a professional driver in 2013 but his relationship with the team stretches back to his early teenage years, and he says both he and the team are "joined at the hip."He has won 62 races during his career at Mercedes and secured five of his six world titles with the team."Our word is our bond and has been all these years — Mercedes, since I was 13, have always stood by our word and vice-versa," he added."You need to set some time aside to think about 'where are we, what is the next goal, what else are we planning?'" Hamilton is expected to secure a new deal but there were concerns in October that he was questioning his career in the sport.READ: F1 duo starstruck by astronauts' 'mission for the good of humanity'

No cause for concern

Since converting to a plant-based diet in 2017, Hamilton has urged others to follow suit in order to "save our planet" and released a concerning message on social media saying he felt like "giRead More – Source