House Ethics Committee Probes Delegate Michael San Nicolas Over Alleged Relationship With Staffer

The House Ethics Committee is investigating Delegate Michael San Nicolas over several accusations relating to his campaign and congressional staff.

“The Committee is aware of public allegations that Delegate Michael F. Q. San Nicolas may have engaged in a sexual relationship with an individual on his congressional staff, converted campaign funds to personal use, and/or accepted improper or excessive campaign contributions,” Chairman Ted Deutch (D-Fla.) and Ranking Member Kenny Marchant (R-Texas) said in a joint statement on Thursday.

“The Committee, pursuant to Committee Rule 18(a), has begun an investigation and will gather additional information regarding the allegations.”

“The Committee notes that the mere fact that it is investigating these allegations, and publicly disclosing its review, does not itself indicate that any violation has occurred, or reflect any judgment on behalf of the Committee,” it added.

San Nicolas, 38, is a Democratic delegate from Guam representing Guams congressional district. He is in his first term of office after defeating Madeleine Bordallo, an eight-term incumbent, in the 2018 Democratic primary. He sits on both the Financial Services Committee and the Natural Resources Committee.

He has not issued a statement on the probe as of Thursday afternoon.

The rule cited by the committee in its statement states: “Notwithstanding the absence of a filed complaint, the Committee may consider any information in its possession indicating that a Member, officer, or employee may have committed a violation of the Code of Official Conduct or any law, rule, regulation, or other standard of conduct applicable to the conduct of such Member, officer, or employee in the performance of the duties or the discharge of the responsibilities of such individual.”

The Chair and Ranking Minority Member may jointly gather additional information concerning such an alleged violation by a Member, officer, or employee unless and until an investigative subcommittee has been established. The Chair and Ranking Minority Member may also jointly take appropriate action consistent with Committee Rules to resolve the matter,” it also states.

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