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Panregional Marketing Hubs: Miami and Mexico City, Territories With Top Influence Over Panregional Marketing Decisions

What: Portada's 2019-2020 Panregional Marketing and Media Report explores the influence of certain territories over panregional marketing. These panregional marketing hubs influence the purchase of marketing services ranging from production, PR and creative to paid media.
Why it matters: Influence over Panregional Marketing Decision Making in Latin America exceeds US $2 billion. For information on all the issues regarding Panregional Marketing, refer to the complete report by Portada.

According to Portada's 2019-2020 Panregional Marketing and Media Report, influence over the purchase of panregional marketing services is a wide concept that covers the area of influence marketers have over purchasing decisions “in-country”. The panregional marketer can influence (e.g. veto) in-country marketing services purchases. However, she may not be able to buy those services from her location. Therefore, while the decision making is regional, the buying is local. The volume of influenced purchases will always be larger than the one of the actual purchases because the former includes the latter.

We believe that Miami and Mexico City have a larger degree of influence than the other locations. This is because both cities have a substantial amount of media agencies who buy panregionally, as well as a larger amount of panregional marketing headquarters on the brand marketer side.

Influence over Panregional Marketing Decision Making in Latin America exceeds US $ 2 billion.

“Influence” on Purchases by Different Panregional Marketing Hubs

To obtain the estimate of overall US $2,100 million of “influence” over decision-making related to panregional marketing purchases in 2016, Portada takes an overall market value for Marketing Services in Latin America of US $40 billion. (For more detailed methodology and assumptions, please buy the report). The below chart shows the dollar volume of marketing services purchases from top panregional marketing hubs, including Miami, Mexico City, New York and others.

This is one of the insights of the just-published 2019-2020 Panregional Marketing and Media Report, which provides Latin American Panregional Marketing Expenditures forecasts for the 2019-2024 period.

Portada's 2019-2020 Panregional Marketing and Media Media Report provides data, intelligence, insights, and forecasts about the Latin American Panregional Marketing Services sector from 2019 to 2024. A major tool for corporate expansion into Latin America and sales-planning/intelligence for marketing vendors offering services to major brands targeting the Latin American consumer. The 75-page report, which includes a market volume and growth forecast model based on a survey of more than 100 brand and media agency executives conducted by Portada, answers a myriad of questions including the 7 below:

1. What is the size of the panregional marketing sector?

The overall actual Latin American Panregional Marketing Services Sector, understood as decisions taken out of several marketing hubs (*see question 2) including Miami, Mexico City, New York, London and others, has a volume of approximately U.S $ 740 million a year (2019), according to the report. Measured in influence, although not necessarily in direct purchasing power, the brand and media agency executives located at those centers influence approximately US $2.26 billion a year (see chart below.)

Panregional Marketing Expenditures

Actual and "Influence" on Panregional Marketing Expenditures

2. How is panregional marketing defined? (*)

Panregional marketing is understood as marketing services purchases for two or more Latin American countries by clients (brands) or media agencies located outside of those countries.

3.Which city is currently the largest hub for panregional marketing?

Miami/South Florida is the largest hub followed by Mexico City, New York, London and Sao Paulo. The report provides overall market volumes for marketing decisions taken out of the above hubs from 2016 to 2024.

4.What media category is increasing its share of panregional media buys?

The structure of the panregional media buy out of Miami has changed substantially over the last decade with Pay TV- ten years ago the clear leader – only capturing 20% of the share in 2019 and digital media increasing its share to 60%. The 2019-2020 Panregional Market and Media Report includes expenditures and market share forecasts (2016 to 2024) for the below market services types (both overall as well as for Miami/South Florida):
Outsourced Content Marketing Services
Outsourced Social Media Related Services
Public Relations Services
Media Planning and Buying Services
Paid Media (Overall)
-Pay-TV (Cable and Satellite)
-Out of Home
-SponsorshRead More – Source