WATCH: Boris Johnsons example of sacrifice in the national interest is his SALARY

When asked what hes sacrificed in the national interest, old Etonian and multi-salaried politician Boris Johnsons first answer was that he could have been even richer if hed chosen a different career.

Qu: “Can you give an example in your political life when youve set your own self-interest aside for the benefit of the country?”


“Well, its a good question, but I would, obviously its an embarrassing but true, but it is obviously possible, I mean, how should I put this? To make more money by not being a full-time politician. I dont want to put too fine a point on it, but, err, you know, you have to make sacrifices sometimes, and that is the right thing to do.”

For the readers knowledge, Johnson, already from a wealthy family (whose former home was up for sale at £11.25 million last year), earns £79,468 as an MP, and £275,000 a year from writing his weekly Daily Telegraph column (work that averages out at £2,291 an hour).

Watch it here:

"It is obviously possible to make more money by not being a full-time politician."

That was Boris Johnson's response after being asked when he'd set aside his own self-interest for the benefit of the country.

— Channel 4 News (@Channel4News) July 5, 2019

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