Dwayne the “adventure cat” hit by SUV but lives for the owner to tell the story

The cat came back — thankfully.

Dwayne the cat, whose adventures riding the TTC are documented in pictures and video on his owners Instagram account myfrienddwayne was hit by an SUV and ended up in the hospital with a broken pelvis.

“It happened last Saturday,” wrote Dwaynes owner on Instagram.

“We went straight to the hospital and he stayed there for 2 days while they did x-rays and made sure he wasnt bleeding inside and stuff. He was very lucky.”

Dwaynes owner wrote that the doctor said the famous feline will walk again, “and even climb trees.”

But in the meantime Dwayne remains on bed rest for the next month and is on pain meds.

“He was brave and hes going to be okay,” wrote Dwaynes owner adding: “He had off leash privileges in his home neighbourhood but they