MP slams abortion law and says she’d fight Jacob Rees-Mogg having anything to do with womb

Ms Philips said being tough on abortion had become an “identity” for the Conservatives after Jeremy Hunt backed the legal time limit being reduced from 24 weeks to 12.

The Birmingham Yardley representative labelled Rees-Moggs views as “backwards and draconian” in an interview with the Glastonbury Free Press ahead of her appearance at the White Ribbon Alliances Parlay Parlour on Saturday.

When asked about Mr Hunts view, Ms Philips said: “What I find absolutely amazing about the outrage about (US President Donald) Trump and Alabama changing their abortion laws is that in our own country we have even more draconian laws.

“The UK Government make a huge song and dance about putting money into helping women have reproductive rights abroad, but some of those countries have more progressive rules around abortion that exist in our own country. We are backwards.”

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Jacob Rees-Mogg

CONTROVERSIAL: Jacob Rees-Mogg views on abortion have been deemed controversial (Pic: GETTY)

She added: “I would fight with every bone in my body to stop Jacob Rees-Mogg having anything to do with my womb.”

The White Ribbon Alliance asked “What Women Want” and Ms Philipss response was “Abortion for women in Northern Ireland.”

In the UK the Abortion Act 1967 covers England Scotland and Wales but does not extend to Northern Ireland and allows for abortions to be performed under certain circumstances, with the authorisation of two doctors.

Ms Phillips believes womens reproductive rights are under threat.

MP Jessica Phillips

FIGHT: Labour MP Jessica Phillips said she would fightRead More – Source