November 21, 2019

Michael Venom Page: The signs that suggest Anthony Joshua was damaged before Andy Ruiz defeat

For those of you who dont understand how concussions works, let me break it down. After my knockout to Douglas Lima, once I stood up up, I was completely fine for the rest of the day. Once I felt dizzy and sick, I threw up and felt fine again. Went on holiday and wound down.

When I got back to London, random little things would make me dizzy. If someone called my name and I turned round, Id feel dizzy. Its almost like that feeling of standing up too quick, but in random little motions. It can happen a lot. This is why even up to now I havent been allowed to spar. My coaches wont let me, because I still have checks to do. That fight was five weeks ago. Concussion is ongoing. Imagine being knocked out two weeks ago, youre still having this little spells and then Andy Ruiz Jr punches you? It sparks up that feeling immediately. Ive seen Anthony Joshua get rocked and still compose himself to be able to continue. He has a chin, we saw it against Wladimir Klitschko and Dillian Whyte. Ruizs shots were glancing, but AJ was still on rocky legs in the seventh. Before I heard the rumours, it looked to me like there was something up. I understand why theyre trying to hush it all up, but concussion affects you.



Theres a lot of talk in the back channels about Joshua, but it was his fault he lost. I do believe Ruiz was slightly overlooked. I think AJ took him seriously enough, but Ruiz is disarming. Hes Mr Happy. AJ probably slightly took his eye off the ball. I had money down with my friend for a third-round knockout. Ruiz went down, but AJ then decided to have a scrap. I didnt get why. He got overexcited and overconfident, and in the moment I understand it because thats exactly what I did against Lima. AJ is a competent boxer and he hurt him, but you could see when Ruiz got up he wasnt on rocky legs. AJ stopped watching the fight, assumed hed kill him.

Boxing - Anthony Joshua v Andy Ruiz Jr - WBA Super, IBF, WBO & IBO World Heavyweight Titles - Madison Square Garden, New York, United States - June 1, 2019 Anthony Joshua is given the count Action Images via Reuters/Andrew Couldridge
Joshua never recovered from a brutal third round against Ruiz (Picture: Reuters)

His response to the initial knockdown tells me AJ was a person who had recently been knocked out. It didnt seem like the shots were that hard, or concussive, but AJ was on wobbly legs immediately. Ive said it for a long time, AJ likes a scrap, but hes not got that one-punch sleeper. He should never be fighting like a Mike Tyson, he should be fighting like a Lennox Lewis – nice and long, hiding behind the jab and searching behind for the right hand. AJ likes to square off with people and thats always been my worry with him. Hes a great athlete, but hes very basic in boxing ability.



AJ has no other choice but to take the rematch. If he fought anyone else, people would lose respect immediately. Its a risk worth taking. The fights he wants are gone for the moment. If he knocks him out the way he should have done the first time, it will go down as a blip on his career.

Everyone is always harsh on the coach when theres a loss. You forget the career hes already had with that fighter. Ive always questioned AJs boxing ability. He has a lot of improving to do, but in every fight Ive seen a little bit of improvement. I wouldnt say get rid of Rob McCracken, Id say bring in another coach to assist. You cant strip a boxer back and start again. Thats counterproductive. There was a lot of factors that contributed to AJs loss. If AJs team is loyal to his cause, then theyll be open to bringing in someone to help. Theres no need for a takeover, it can be done as a team.

Tyson Fury is the most technically gifted heavyweight out there, but Deontay Wilder is still the most dangerous heavyweight. We havent seen power like his since the Mike Tyson days. I actually think his boxing ability is shocking, he might need to change coach. But, when youve got power like that you dont need to be technical. Wilder would be the greatest heavyweight boxer of his generation if he had even a little bit of basic boxing skills. Wilder will keep going until some random bloke knocks him out.

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