UK health authority tells holidaymakers to get vaccinated to go to Europe

LONDON — Public Health England has teamed up with the travel industry to warn holidaymakers to ensure they are vaccinated against measles before the summer break.

The agency says measles remains endemic in many EU countries, including popular holiday destinations like France, which has among the highest rates of infection, along with Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Germany, as reported by the European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. France has the lowest level of trust in vaccines globally; a third of people disagree that vaccines are safe.

The agency warns that cases of measles are on the rise; in England, there were 231 cases confirmed from January through March, and many are linked to importations from Europe.

“Measles can kill and is incredibly easy to catch, especially if youre not vaccinated and travelling to affected countries,” said Mary Ramsay, head of immunization at PHE.

“Before you travel you should ensure you and your family are up to date with all currently recommended U.K. vaccines and [measles, mumps and rubella] is especially important if youre planning to travel thrRead More – Source