Female cop accused of grooming teen son of ex for sex

shauna bishop female police sex

MUG SHOT: She is accused of have sex with the 16-year-old (Pic: POLICE)

The lad shocking claims they had sex after watching adult films – but the alleged attacker says she does not remember due to taking medicine.

Authorities in California say they were shocked to learn the alleged victim is the son of her ex-boyfriend who is also a serving cop.

Court documents reported by the Sacramento Bee reveal Sacramento County deputy Shauna Bishop, 45, is accused of sexual acts with the minor.

Deputy Bishop allegedly had sexual relations with the 16-year-old son of another deputy, whom she had previously dated, back in April.

Sacramento County

SHOCKING: He ex also worked for the Sacramento County force (Pic: GETTY)

The newspaper reports Bishop told investigators she did not have any memory about what happened because she had taken the drug Ambien.

The documents add that the victim told investigators that Bishop blamed their sexual activity on adult movies she had watched.

Bishop, who was arrested on her birthday, has been released on bail and is due back at Sacramento Superior Court on Thursday morning.

She faces four felony counts alleging unlawful sexual conduct with a minor and a misdemeanour count of annoying or molesting a child.

POLICE: She has been in the force for five years (Pic: FACEBOOK )

The Folsom Police Department, which conducted the investigation, emphasisRead More – Source