Charlie Hebdo kicks up controversy with vagina Womens World Cup cover (VIDEO)

French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is no stranger to stirring controversy and has again found itself at the center of an online storm after publishing a graphic cover cartoon to mark the FIFA Womens World Cup.

The FIFA showpiece kicked off in France last Friday, and is seen as a defining moment for the womens game amid unprecedented coverage and attention for the event.

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Charlie Hebdo decided to play on that with the cover of its edition this week, which featured a cartoon of a vagina with a football entering it.

A caption accompanying the cartoon read:“We will be munching on this all month!”

The image provoked an angry reaction from some on social media, with Twitter user @leebibim branding it “disgusting.”

“#CharlieHebdo,you have taken respectful soccer players from the world and sexually objectified them in the most distasteful way," the Twitter account fumed.

"This is outrageous and disgusting. I call on @Charlie_Hebdo_ to withdraw this cover and apologize immediately!”

Others wrote that it was “as offensive as it gets.”

Eek! Charlie Hebdo's Women's World Cup front cover! Yikes!

(I'm not posting it, because it's as offensive as it gets).

— Shaun Lawson (@shaunjlawson) June 12, 2019

This the meanest thing I have seen in my 6 years of being a journalist. A woman is more than her vargina.I even find the female world cup more interesting than that of the men

— Wanchia Nchang (@WanchiaCynthia) June 12, 2019

Amid the uproar, RTs Ruptly video agency took to the streets of Paris to get locals' opinions – some of whom agreed that it was “vulgar and not representative of the Womens World Cup.”

One local man, however, said thaRead More – Source