Last stop!: Driver kicks everyone off bus for not making room for wheelchair user

A Paris bus driver is being hailed as a hero after he expelled all passengers on board his vehicle because no one would make room for a wheelchair user.

The incident took place in mid-October but has gone viral in recent days, with unnamed the driver receiving plaudits from around the world after the story received widespread media coverage.

Francois Le Berre, who uses a wheelchair as a result of his multiple sclerosis, waited for passengers already on board the bus to make room. When no one would oblige, the driver took the drastic action of kicking everyone off.

“Last stop! Everyone out!” he reportedly shouted, as cited by RTL, before turning to Francois and saying, “You come on, they can wait for the next one.”

“No-one wanted to move despite the access ramp,” Le Berre told Huffington Post. “Everyone might need a wheelchair one day,” he reportedly told the other passengers as the bus took off, reports The Independent.

The drivers unorthodox actions unleashed a flood of admiration on social media. “Bravo to the bus driver, but on the other hand, shame on those passengers,” wrote one Twitter user.

“What compassion and civility! We too often put imbeciles front and center in the media. Its also important to retweet examples like this,” wrote another.

The Parisian transport company that operates the bus service in question, RATP, asked Francois for more information on the driver so they could commend him properly for his actions.

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