Kadyrov apologizes for hooligan, summons him to Grozny for telling off

The head of the Chechen Republic has personally apologized for a young man who was caught on video making trouble while shouting the name of the Chechen sports club Akhmat. The delinquent has issued his own apology.

Ramzan Kadyrovs strong reaction came shortly after a short video was shared on Russian social networks, showing a young man insulting passengers on public transport and throwing an empty drink can at them while shouting “Akhmat – sila!” (Akhmat strong!) – the semi-official motto of the supporters of the Chechen sports club Akhmat.

Kadyrov published his apologies for the young mans behavior along with a personal address to the hooligan on his Telegram messenger blog, as well as on his account on Russias most popular network Vkontakte.

I am hard to enrage, but today my indignation has no limit. I suggest that you immediately, this same minute reply to me and then take the very first flight to [the Chechen capital] Grozny and visit me together with your relatives

He also apologized to the people who became targets of the young mans boorish behavior and emphasized that the hooligan was not representing the Chechen people or behaving in accordance with Chechen traditions and customs.

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The reaction from the young man was also quick. Soon after Kadyrovs address appeared on the internet, he released his own video in which he apologized for his behavior and said that he had already been told off by his parents. The man also specified that the incident had taken place on a bus, not on the metro as most viewers thought.

This was not the first time that Kadyrov publicly intervened in incidents involving Chechen people that took place outside Chechnya. In 2012, he commented on a fight started by several young Chechens in the Moscow metro (they harassed a girl and injured a journalist who tried to protect her) and said that in his opinion the attackers were not worthy of calling themselves Chechens.

In a separate development, Kadyrov has personally addressed the issue of wedding motorcades during which participants fired air shots – something that used to happen in Chechnya and has since spread outside the republic and into major Russian cities, including the capital. Kadyrov told off his hot-blooded compatriots and banned such behavior.

Also, Kadyrov had previously announced that students from Chechnya, who study in Moscow universities, would be summoned back home and punished if they allow themselves to become involved in any uncivilized behavior.

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