Strictly for the super-rich: the world’s most expensive penthouse

It’s got a cinema, a marble disco, an infinity pool with waterslide, a bedroom the size of two tennis courts – and tables upholstered in stingray skin. Got £260m? Then the penthouse in Monaco’s new Odeon Tower could be for you

It’s just another day in sun-kissed Monaco, the supercharged playground of the super-rich. In the harbour, gigantic yachts are jostling for position, while, outside the casino, souped-up sports cars growl their way along the boulevards. But there is a new arrival to this hottest of global wealth hotspots. Rising above the orgy of oligarchs’ toys, the Odeon Tower now stands as the definitive beacon of “super prime” property. It is one of the tallest residential towers in Europe – topped with what is being marketed as the most expensive penthouse in the world.

For those who already have it all, the Odeon Tower has a little bit more. When it is completed next year, the penthouse will have its own gym, sauna, cinema, library, whisky bar and billiard room, plus a master bedroom the size of two and a half tennis courts – all spread over five double-height floors. There will be tables upholstered with the skin of stingrays and shelves crafted from ebony. Rooftop hot tubs will bubble next to green walls trickling with waterfalls. After dinner in one of the six different salons (prepared by staff in one of the four kitchens), your guests will ascend a sweeping marble staircase to your very own nightclub, complete with a backlit marble dancefloor. From there, they will be able to launch themselves down a curving slide, plunging two storeys into the open-air infinity pool below.

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