March 26, 2019
Latin America

CHANGING PLACES LATAM: Rafael Prandini, Guillermo Giménez y Brotons, Cláudio Rawicz…

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The Coca-Cola Company has named Rafael Prandini marketing vicepresident for the business unit Latin Center. Prior to this, the executive was marketing director of non carbonated drinks.

Guillermo Giménez y Brotons will go back to Mexico to be the new integrated marketing communications director of Coca-Cola, company where he has been working for 19 years.

Audi has appointed Cláudio Rawicz as its new communications director for Brazil. He comes from companies like Fiat, Iveco and Groupe Renault.

Nadine Pavlovsky is the new CMO of DirecTV. Prevously, the executive held the role of marketing VP since 2012.

Google Peru has named Julian Coulter as their new general manager. Coulter arrived to South America in 2012 and before this, worked at SABMiller.

Cencosud has appointed Aldo Espejo Gomi marketing manager for supermarkets. The executive joined the company after leading for two years the marketing area in the retail division of Grupo Celima Trebol.

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