May 25, 2019

Suck my balls: NATO-funded blogger Eliot Higgins checkmates critics with watertight argument

Eliot Higgins, praised by Western media as a bulwark against sinister Russian disinformation, has a persuasive, Atlantic Council-fellow retort for those who take issue with his Google Earth investigations: “Suck my balls.”

Higgins gave up his lucrative career as a payments officer at a womens underwear company to create Bellingcat, a celebrated internet blog that specializes in using open-source information to blame Russia for every crime against humanity – real or imagined – committed so far this century.

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Now a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, and a self-declared specialist in “social media & digital forensic research,” Higgins recently teamed up with NATO-funded compatriots to create DisinfoPortal, “an interactive online guide to track the Kremlins disinformation campaigns abroad.”

Valiantly fighting on the frontlines in the information war with Russia, Higgins has already shown himself to be a persuasive wordsmith with razor-sharp wit:

What happens when mainstream media manufactures "experts" to support their narratives. False confidence eventually reveals a "novice" bug and the whole project implodes. This guy now thinks a major power needs to answer to him, lol.

— Sharmine Narwani (@snarwani) June 12, 2018

Indeed, an invitation to moisten his scrotum has become Higgins go-to argument for those who dare to question his ironclad Instagram investigations. For example, his expertise on MH17 shines in the following Twitter exchanges:

Yes, suck my balls.

— Eliot Higgins (@EliotHiggins) June 11, 2018

No wonder Higgins refused to debate Theodore Postol, professor emeritus of Science, Technology, and International Security at MIT, regarding Syrian chemical weapons attacks – Postol would have withered under Higgins underwear salesman oratory skills.

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